sunday Ministries

On most Sundays, it is easy to imagine that “all the bases are covered,” since there is someone to greet you at the door, read the lessons, take up the offering, teach the children, sing the music, serve the coffee and cookies, etc. All those tasks are done by volunteers who say by their volunteering, “Faith Church is important to me!”​

The reasons people volunteer are varied, but there is one truth that applies to all volunteers: you will be more closely connected to this community if you volunteer in some capacity than if you don’t.  Read on to see if you might find a connection to one or more of these services.

Altar Decorated With Flowers

Altar Guild

Worship begins and ends with the work of the Altar Guild.  They make the sanctuary inviting and peaceful. Volunteers ensure that the altar and sanctuary are organized and prepared for worship services The team also decorates the altar and sanctuary for holidays. The Linen Team wash and iron the linens. The Banner Team rotate the banners as appropriate based on the liturgical season and color. Team members may also design and create new banners when needed.

Choir Dressed in Festive Attire

Music Ministry

Music enhances the quality of the worship experience and promotes fellowship throughout the church community. The choir leads the congregation with vocal and instrumental accompaniment. If you enjoy singing or accompanying others, there is a place for you on the choir.

Woman Drinking Sacramental Wine During Communion

Lay Eucharistic Ministers (LEM)

This ministry assists the clergy with serving the chalice and bread during communion, and other tasks as needed during the worship service.

Lector Standing in Front of Podium

Lectors and Intercessors

This ministry provides an opportunity for lay persons to participate in worship service by reading one of the two lessons for a Sunday, or the Prayers of the People (intercessions). Lay youth may also want to enhance their public speaking skills by participating in this ministry.

Two People Smiling and Shaking Hands


Our greeters provide a warm, welcoming greeting at the door. They invite you in, make you feel welcome and ensure your find a connection. If you are new to the church, they will introduce you to church members nearby, invite you to gather for coffee and cookies after service.



Ushers distribute bulletins, count the number in attendance, collect offerings, assist those in need during the service, tidy the sanctuary after service and be a second greeter when handing out bulletins. Ushers also help newcomers feel welcome, assist them in knowing where to go and what to expect. They may also provide assistance to clergy and people as needed. All you need is a welcoming smile. 


Video Team

Faith EC uses MS PowerPoint presentations to display the liturgy and music on screens for all to view. This lets people concentrate on the liturgy and eliminates fumbling with multiple books. The team creates the presentation with direction from the clergy and run the presentation during the service.  The worship service is streamed live using Zoom an YouTube and the video team makes this all work together with the cameras.  An interest in technology, knowledge of the internet, and a willingness to learn are only skills needed.

Man Using Sound Board

Sound Team

This team works closely with the clergy, music and video teams. Volunteers in this ministry manage/engineer the audio mix for worship services, provide assisted hearing devices upon request, set up and take down sound equipment for special events.

Coffee and Cake On A Table

Hospitality Team

One of the reasons Faith Church has such a warm and inviting atmosphere is due to the Hospitality Ministry. The Coffee Hosts prepare coffee, tea, water and cookies for members of the congregation after services each Sunday. This provides an opportunity to welcome new members, encourages all members to linger and become better acquainted with each other and offers enjoyment to the children. Cookie Buddies are an integral part of this ministry, providing cookies and/or snacks that are served by the coffee hosts. Cookie buddies purchase or bake 6 dozen cookies or a non-sugar/non-nut snack and deliver them to church 15 minutes before the service at which they will be served.