Project and grant proposals

Faith Church encourages all members to participate in local and global mission work.  If you are involved in or know of a mission you think Faith would like to support, we encourage you to apply to our Missions Team for a project or a grant.  The Mission Team evaluates all applications and determines which missions the church will support, whether with funds or other assistance.

The Missions Team reviews grant and project request when they meet as a team every month.  The Missions Team can always meet on an emergency basis to consider funding for very urgent proposals.  We give thoughtful consideration to every application.

The Missions Team wants to hear about the impact of your involvement in the mission work.  We would like a report, whether written or in person, within two to six months of completion. The Mission Team may invite some recipients to present to the congregation. ALSO, funds not expended and accounted for within a year of issuance are required to be refunded to Faith Church.

Grant and Project Application Process

Who Can Apply

Applications will be considered according the following criteria, with the top characteristics given the highest priority:

  • active Faith members
  • people serving in Faith activities
  • people with a history of volunteering in the organization for which they are seeking assistance
  • people who have successfully worked with Faith support in the past
  • people who have demonstrated stewardship, accountability and fiscal responsibility
  • organizations that do not have a direct connection to Faith


We look forward to learning about your mission. Download the application by clicking on your preferred version above and return it via email or regular mail.

Please make sure you read this whole page before filling out the application. 


SS# or TIN#

We cannot fund a grant request without your Social Security Number or your IRS Taxpayer Identification Number. If you have a TIN number, you must provide that to us on a W-9 form (IRS website). Fill out the form online, print and sign it, and bring or mail it to Faith Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 966, Shingle Springs, CA 95682. You don’t need to send a copy to the IRS.

Specific Exclusions

The Faith Church mission approach does not include paying rent for however long for any individual.

The Faith Church mission approach does not include paying operational costs of any outside organization. Paying for an outside organization to do their work is beyond the scope and intent of Faith mission work.

While Faith’s Mission team supports what it deems as necessary expenditures to accomplish mission (such as building a vocational education program or building, helping pay for a freezer for a food closet, helping with tuition, or supporting a small business in developing nations), it carefully distinguishes such support from providing funds for the general operational of an organization.  The latter is specifically excluded from Mission Team grants.

The Missions Team intends for the final product or funding to end up in the hands of NON-Profit 501C3 organizations. This decision is to be made on a case by case basis. 

The Missions Team intends that wherever possible these funds should be used to develop relationships between our congregants and the people they are trying to help. However we consider each funding request on an individual basis. 

Mission Activity Definitions


Those whose primary work is with people who live within the general service area of Faith Church—El Dorado and contingent counties.

United States

Those whose primary work is with people who live within the United States but outside our local region in California.


Those whose primary work is outside the United States.

One Time

Participation in an activity that occurs once or an emergency need.

Short term

A missionary project that is generally less than 6 months; may be outside the local area.

Long term

A missionary project involving more than a 6 month commitment. Support is generally approved for the initial time of service: however, it is reevaluated bi-annually or annually depending on initial funding agreement.

Vocational Missionary  

A supported missionary whose mission work is expected to last for more a year.

Faith Church Focused

A cause, activity, or organization that Faith Church is committed to support in a multi-level way such as monetary, volunteers, in-kind, etc.

Member Involved

A cause, activity, or organization that a member of the congregation actively supports.


The donation of items such as quilts, Christmas shoe boxes, cell phones, socks, etc.